About Us

Tenerife Beach and Golf Destinations – With many years experience in the United States vacation market, we are working hard to bring the highest degree of professionalism to the rental program here in Tenerife. What can you expect as a result? A staff DEDICATED to making sure your holiday is as enjoyable as possible. We will be responsive to your needs to make sure your holiday with us is a memorable one!

When you arrive to the property you will enjoy a welcome package that includes coffee, tea, milk, sugar, cookies, jellies, diary and a sewing kit as well as soap, a refreshing towel and shampoo for each guest. Also, you will have starter supplies for the laundry and the dishwasher.

We now provide a checklist to our cleaners that you will see when you arrive to the property. We are doing this to improve the quality of the cleaning, and to ensure no task is missed!

We replaced all the linen in our units with quality grade white sheets and towels. We do this in order to improve all important ´Guest Experience´ at our properties.

We have also changed our linen cleaning service. Lavanderia El Cordon, one of the most respected professional laundry services on the islands, provides a professional service that thoroughly cleans and disinfects the linen, using the same procedures applied in hospitals.

This not only extends the life of the linen; it also guarantees spotless cleaning. They use high temperature and oxygen-based products, and an industrialized methodology following the top ecological standard applied in Europe.



Call us anytime for assistance and one of our staff will be happy to assist you. We will do all we can to make your holiday a memorable one.